The Week of the Tight End

After week one has come to an end it is time for us to dive a little deeper into what we saw.  One of the main themes that I have noticed over the recent past is that the TE position is now, more than ever, an integral part of a successful fantasy season.

There were a total of 50 receiving touchdowns this past week and how they were dispersed may surprise you.  There were 7 TD’s thrown to RB’s, 21 TD’s thrown to WR’s, and topping the charts a whopping 22 TD’s to our often over looked roster spot called TE’s.  If you don’t currently have a stud like Gronk or Graham on your team, or any other top 10 rated TE, it isn’t time to panic. 

There are plenty of potential roster worthy TE’s that are available and it might be worth your while to use your #1 waiver claim on them instead of picking up a player that will most likely be your next drop.  I like Tyler Eifert from Cincinnati or Austin Seferian-Jenkins from Tampa Bay which are both owned by less than 50 percent of teams currently according to ESPN.

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