Week Four Drops

Going into week four there have been many breakout players and some of those players are available in many leagues (check out Week 4 Pickups), but this article is about what duds to drop to make room for the studs going to the top.

Quarterback- Colin Kaepernick SF playing against was the Cardinals was tough to watch for fantasy owners, but it may have been good.  His 4 interception performance validates all of the haters thoughts on him early this fantasy season.  With twice as many turnovers (6) as touchdowns (3), as well as the fact that he has to continue through the gauntlet of the NFC West, makes this no brainer of a drop in my opinion.  There are many other emerging quarterbacks that hold a higher fantasy value other than the once sought after Kaepernick.

Running Back- Reggie Bush SF looked very sharp week 1 in the few plays that he was in, but sometimes fantasy cuts come down to the team as well as the player.  Bush is still not 100% and this is concerning considering the ineptitude of the niners offense.  With Hyde as an emerging threat out of the backfield, Bush does not hold any positive fantasy value moving forward.  He was a good idea early on to handcuff your pick in Hyde, but now knowing that his team is well below average and his injury is still looming, makes the choice to drop him an easy one.

Wide Receiver- Nelson Agholor PHI was a first round pick with high fantasy upside as a rookie.  Going into the 4th week we have seen some terrible numbers.  He has four receptions for a total of 36 yards on a very questionable Eagles offense.  Bradford has not produced the multi-dimensional offense that was thought when signed and his numbers have shown it.  The Eagles are ranked 31st for total offense and makes the decision of dropping Agholor that much easier.

Tight End- Dwayne Allen IND is close to returning to the paying field but it seems that it may be too late for fantasy owners.  The Colts and there struggling offense along side with a injured Allen is a recipe for an easy decision in this drop.  I understand that he has not played all of the games, but when he did play he was not sharp and a desperate Luck has many other weapons to choose from.

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