Week Three Droppables

It is getting to that time of the season where fantasy owners need to re-evaluate their original rosters and begin cutting out the fat where needed.  With all of the injuries and underperformances so far this season, this task is should not be hard to complete, but sometimes is.  This weekly article will be dedicated to make some of your decisions a little easier.

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If you are anything like me, you make sure that you have an equally impressive bench (on paper of course) as you do a starting line-up, but sometimes the players that are supposed to be performing, never do.  Here are some players for every position that you should not lose any sleep over by cutting them from your squad.  Our Week 3 Pickups article is a strong source to replace some of these drops.

Jay Cutler CHI was a decent backup quarterback in many leagues with a high upside compared to the others, but throughout the first 2 weeks his numbers are less than impressive and he also has a hamstring injury that will sideline him for the next 2 weeks.  This is good for Jay because he might have been hospitalized after playing the 0-2 Seahawks at their home opener.

Running Back- Alfred Blue HOU was a player with major upside when Arian Foster was injured in pre-season.  He was drafted in many leagues as a potential flex or even RB2.  After the first few weeks of the season Blue has not taken advantage of the gift given to him and has underperformed to the nth degree.  The 0-2 Texans along with Bill O'Brien agree that Chris Polk has emerged as the backup for Foster moving forward making Alfred Blue insignificant moving forward.

Wide Receiver-  Devin Funchess CAR is proof the Kelvin Benjamin is the real deal and his injury hurts Carolina's fantasy players.  Without the threat of Benjamin, Funchess is receiving more pressure than he can handle.  Only being targeted seven times with two receptions is a recipe for a drop if you ask me.   Funchess is a great player but will not amount to anything in fantasy this year due to the situation that he has been put in.

Tight End- Josh Hill NO has not been the target for Brees that we thought he would be.  Hill has one reception for a total of 2 yards this year and that come from four targets.  The 0-2 Saints are playing in a weak division and this is normally a recipe for fantasy players to excel, but not in this case.  Hill has not shown enough so far this year to occupy a roster spot on your team.

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