Daily Fantasy Football: Week 7

Whether you are a DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) fanatic or new to DFS, we are here to help. Each week, the Fantasy 4um provides a recommended lineup for DFS based on Draft Kings pricing. We'll touch on some H2H and 50/50 value plays as well as give you tournament contest recommendations. Additionally, we'll provide general tips and tricks throughout the season to hopefully help you in your quest for DFS tournament glory. Let's get started on Week 7:

If you're still able to play DFS (state law prevents residents of Montana, Louisiana, Washington, Iowa, Arizona, and most recently Nevada from playing daily fantasy games),

Each week I will predict breakout performers, sleepers, and players with potential upside based on matchups, injuries, and player progression. Also, I will provide research in detail on each showcased star performer per position (likely even more in depth than that lol).

Alright, lets kick this week off!

Week 7:

QB: Each week there is always a handful of great options at the quarterback position. Each week you can always go with the elite players. Do you know which quarterbacks have been the best over the past few weeks, at least from a fantasy standpoint? Most people would have to say the Tom Bradys, the Aaron Rodgers, maybe Andrew Luck, or Carson Palmer, etc... ha well the answer is none of these QBs make the list. Over the past few weeks, the quarterbacks that have put up the most fantasy points are: Blake Bortles, Josh McCown, and Brian Hoyer. Wait who? Were these guys even drafted in normal leagues?? Who could have predicted this? My guess is absolutely no one.
 Okay, I had to make my point first, so that you can stream players like this to get the biggest bang for your buck. Names to be added to this list are: Phillip Rivers, Tom Brady (trick question above, he's just pure class), Andy Dalton, and Cam Newton. Sorry, but these are the facts. Not Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning (heck Eli is better this year), Andrew Luck (who is coming back), Big Bad Ben RoethlisBerger, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, or Carson Palmer. To be blunt, these guys have been painfully average so far. So, this is why we will also be analyzing past performances/ players that are sizzling hot, trending players that are heating up, and pro bowl players who are just fire.

Let's break this down (ESPN point values):

Sizzling Hot (over the past few weeks):

  • Phillip Rivers: Averaging 24.67 points per game ($6,500); home vs. OAK (OPRK=17th)
  • Tom Brady: avg. 23 ppg ($8,500); home vs NYJ (OPRK=2nd)
  • $ Blake Bortles: avg. 22.67 ppg  ($5,400); home vs JAX (OPRK=23rd)
  • $ Josh McCown: avg. 22.67 ppg ($5,200); away @ STL (OPRK=3rd)
  • Andy Dalton: avg. 21.33 ppg (bye)
  • Cam Newton: avg. 21 ppg ($6,600); home vs PHI (OPRK=11th)
  • $ Brian Hoyer: avg. 19.67 ppg ($5,300); away @ MIA (OPRK=6th)
Heating Up:
  • Sleepers:  L. Jones ($5,100); away @ KC (OPRK=29th), and  R. Tannehill ($5,700); home vs. HOU (OPRK=24th), and Z. Mettenberger (not sure this week, but future sleeper).
  • Great Matchups: A. Luck ($7,600) home vs NO (OPRK=31st); D.Brees ($7,000) away vs. IND (OPRK=27th), C. Palmer (6,700) home vs. BAL (OPRK=32nd)

$: these are obviously your value picks and I would upgrade to the other top tier guys if you have a little extra cash flow in your daily fantasy picks.

My QB stream of the week is Blake Bortles. This guy may give you goosebumps with some missed throws, interceptions, and his last name being Bortles; but this guy continuously is an exception. I mean we can give him a slight break, he is only 23 after all. But with two stud receivers in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, plus now a Juluis Thomas, this offense is stacked for throwing, especially with an injured T.J. Yeldon and no clear backup rb solutions. Roll em' out guys. Blake Bortles. Biggest bang for your buck.
(P.S. If you really are running out of $, roll out L.Jones. By far the most talented, stacked offense with a new guy who loves to throw the ball for TDs to that receiving core. Only if Big Ben is out.)

RB: Now the running back position. Like QBs, you want to find the biggest bang for your buck. Every week you can stream a different back based almost solely on matchups resulting in a big week. That being said, the highlighted player of the week is the main man Todd Gurley. This guy is a Beast Wars character: half Beast, half Machine. Making his rookie debut into the NFL, Todd Gurley has rushed back-to-back 150 yard games. Coming off a bye with plenty of rest, look for Gurley to run all over the Cleveland defense. At the very least, I expect this RB to have over 100 yards rushing on the ground with the potential upside to have a monster day of 200 yards rushing, 2 Touchdowns. At an affordable price ($5,000), look for Todd Gurley to stomp the yard week 7!!!

Sizzling Hot:

  • Todd Gurley ($5,000); home VS. CLE (OPRK= 29th)
  • D. Freeman ($7,900); away @ TEN (OPRK= 4th)
  • L. Bell ($8,400); away @ KC (OPRK= 7th)
  • A. Peterson ($7,600);  away @ DET (OPRK= 23rd)
  • C. Ivory ($5,800); away @ NE (OPRK= 6th)
  • L. Murray ($6,100); away vs. SD (OPRK= 31st)
  • M. Ingram ($6,300); away @ IND (OPRK= 19th)
  • L. McCoy ($5,500); away @ JAX (OPRK= 28th)
  • D. Martin ($4,900); away @ WAS (OPRK= 10th)
  • D. Murray ($6,400); away @ CAR (OPRK= 25th)
  • L. Miller ($4,600); home VS HOU (OPRK= 17th)
  • M. Forte (bye)

Heating Up:

  • Sleepers: C. Michael (if starting, which it looks like he should; if not, which ever DAL rb that will be starting, probably randle but could be McFadden)


  • D. Freeman, C. Ivory, and T. Gurley

As where you want to spend your money, this is the position you want to dedicate most of your salary to. To compete, in whether it is draft kings or fandual, PPR is a huge point swing towards elite receivers. These are the guys that can add an extra 10 points to their usual fantasy production just based on having 10 or more catches a game. According to FantasyPros, the top WR targeted in 2015 are: 

  1. DeAndre Hopkins; avg. 14.8 ppg
  2. Demaryius Thomas; avg. 12.5 ppg
  3. Julio Jones; avg. 12 ppg
  4. Keenan Allen; avg. 11.8 ppg
  5. Emmanuel Sanders; avg. 10.8 ppg
  6. Calvin Johnson; avg. 10.2 ppg
  7. Allen Robinson; avg 10 ppg
  8. Odell Beckham Jr.; avg 10 ppg
  9. T.Y. Hilton; avg. 9.8 ppg
  10. Antonio Brown; avg. 9.7 ppg
Others: Edelman, Fitzgerald, Marshall, Matthews, Benjamin (lately), Moncrief (If Luck Healthy), and AJ Green (when hes not sharing targets with Jones or Eifert.)

Check out the rest of this list here: 

This is just about everything you need to know, besides picking a sleeper or two at the Wide Out position. Personally, I like to pick at least two of these top 10 guys, and picking one sleeper that you can get for a good value $. 

For week 7, I like:

Sizzling Hot:
  • DeAndre Hopkins ($8,600); away @ MIA (20th)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. ($8,700); home vs NYG (10th)
  • Julio Jones ($9,100); away @ TEN (7th)
  • Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400); home vs BAL (31st)
  • Brandon Marshall ($7,800); away @ NE (23rd)
  • Calvin Johnson ($7,700); home vs MIN (12th)
  • Julian Edelman ($8,200); home vs NYJ (6th
  • T.Y. Hilton ($6,500); home vs NO (4th)
  • Antonio Brown ($7,900); away @ MIA (32nd)
  • Allen Robinson ($6,400); home vs BUF (25th)
  • Keenan Allen ($7,700); home vs OAK (16th)
Heating Up Sleepers:
J. Brown ($5,500); home vs BAL (31st)
$ A. Hurns ($5,300); home vs. JAX (25th)
$ M. Bryant ($4,700); away @ KC (32nd)
$ Moncrief ($5,200); home vs NO (4th)
$ M. Flloyd ($3,600); home vs OAK (16th)
$ S. Diggs ($4,200); away vs DET (26th)
T. Benjamin ($5,400); away @ STL (17th)
[A. Cooper ($6,500); away @ SD (2nd)]


The tight end is another value pick. You do not have to get crazy and grab Gronk every single week at the most expensive salary by a long shot. This week, he is $2,000 more than the next closest tight end (greg olsen). That's just ridiculous. Don't waste your money on a guy that has been pretty average the last 3 weeks. My stream of the week for the TE position is Antonio Gates. This guy has had back-to-back 9 receptions for 90 yard games since coming back for SD. And he is averaging 1 TD per game (he had two is week 5). San Diego is going up against the OAK defense who has given up the most fantasy points to TEs this season. With gun-slinging Phillip Rivers at QB, look for Gates to not only have a high targeted game, but also heavy looks in the red zone!

Other TE options:


  • Gronk (if you really just like to blow $)
  • Gates is my number 2 overall this week. (L. Green start if gates out)
  • Greg Olsen (monster numbers last week proving he's back to his elite status)
  • Travis Kelce (if they could only get this guy the ball more, Alex Smith, you suck)
  • Jimmy Graham (I don't trust him yet, give him more time to prove himself)
Heating Up Sleepers:
G. Barnidge (going up against a tough D, but who can really stop this guy, right?)
C. Clay (if T.Mobile is back at QB)
L. Green (just because they are going up against the 32nd OPRK for TEs this year)
J. Thomas (he's back. Bortles has been a fantasy machine, look for him to throw the ball all game with an injured and shaky RB.)

Fan Dual's Kicking streams of the week:

  1. Gostkowski
  2. Vinatieri
  3. Bryant
  4. Brown
  5. Tucker
  6. Josh Lambo
  7. Bailey
  8. Walsh
  9. Prater
  10. Catonzara

Fantasy Upside Teams Week 7:
Arizona Cardinals (BAL)
New Orleans Saints (IND)
Indianapolis Colts (NO)
New York Giants (DAL)
Pittsburgh Steelers (KC)
Atlanta Falcons (TEN)

My Daily Fantasy picks week 7:

Lineups subject to change due to questionable injuries, matchups, and player progression, etc.
Look for updates before Sunday afternoon kick off!

Feel free to comment and make suggestions.
I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks

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