Daily Fantasy Football: Week 8

Whether you are a DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) fanatic or new to DFS, we are here to help. Each week, the Fantasy 4um provides recommendations and stats for DFS. We'll touch on some H2H and 50/50 value plays as well as give you tournament contest recommendations. Additionally, we'll provide general tips and tricks throughout the season to hopefully help you in your quest for DFS tournament glory. 

Strategy is everything when playing daily fantasy football. As you may know, finding the best players for the right value can take you a long way; and starting a couple sleepers can not only help you shoot past your competitors but also free up salary to add a big name star. In addition, a highly priced player does not guarantee performance (look at DeAndre Hopkins last week). Lastly, matchups and injuries are key. But enough small talk, lets jump into the good stuff.

This week, we'll be focusing on two of the positions that I feel you can get the greatest value from if you do your research: QB and RB. If you missed last week's post, you might want to go back and look at a few of the highlights. To give a quick humble brag, many of the recommended played played pretty well. I am not going to pick your players for you, just provide you with as much detailed research and stats as I can to make the best informed decisions. Check out this post throughout the week to get updates before your rosters become finalized on game day. Moreover, we encourage you to comment, share, or ask questions before lineups lock. Okay, for real, now lets jump into the goods!

If you tuned in last week, you know that spending big money on a QB can be hard on the rest of your roster. You don't have to buy Tom Brady every week (he obviously played pretty well again this week on Thursday). There are plenty of other players that can put up similar numbers, whether they are indeed elite quarterbacks or your average Jabroni who likes to throw all over a banged up defense. You just have to be able to predict who these value picks are each week. Let's take a look at this week's QBs.

Top QBs points per game (ppg) avg. over the past 3 weeks on DKs:

Sizzling Hot:
  1. Phillip Rivers; avg. 28.7 ppg; ($6600); BAL (oprk 32nd)
  2. Tom Brady; avg. 28.2 ppg; ($8300); MIA (oprk 11th)
  3. Andy Dalton; avg. 24.7 ppg; ($6000); @ PIT (oprk 19th)
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick; avg. 24.0 ppg; ($5200); @ OAK (oprk 24th)
  5. Brian Hoyer; avg. 23.3 ppg; ($5300); TEN (oprk 10th)
  6. Ryan Tannehill; avg. 22.8 ppg; ($5600); @ NE (oprk 28th)
  7. Matthew Stafford; avg. 21.8 ppg; ($5800); @ KC (oprk 23rd)
  8. Joe Flacco; avg. 20.8 ppg; ($5500); SD (oprk 15th)
  9. Jay Cutler; avg. 20.0 ppg; ($5200); MIN (oprk 6th)
  10. Andrew Luck; avg. 20.0 ppg; ($7400); @ CAR (oprk 3rd)
Heating Up:
  • Ben Roethlisberger ($6,700); CIN (oprk 18th)

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Eli Manning; ($6600); @ NO (oprk 31st)
  • Marcus Mariota ($5400) / Zach Mettenberger ($5100) @ HOU (oprk 29th)

Phillip Rivers: My stream of the week at quarterback yet again. With no assurances in the running game and a volatile defense each week, this is a strong throwing offense. Even though things may be rocky at times, this team knows when to buck up in the second half (basically running the two minute offense the rest of the time). When it comes to fantasy dependency (besides Touchdown Tommy) Philip Rivers is the guy (keep an eye out for Big Ben in the weeks to come)!

Running Backs
Similar to QBs, don't spend all your money on Bell or Freeman (unless you like to depend on an entire team of sleepers). Go for the mid-tier guys that are likely to explode.

  1. Todd Gurley; ($6300); SF (oprk 28th)
  2. Matt Forte; ($7300); MIN (oprk 10th)
  3. Marshawn Lynch; ($7100); @ DAL (oprk 29th)
  4. Mark Ingram; ($6400);NYG  (oprk 24th)
  5. Justin Forsett; ($6100); SD (oprk 32nd)
  6. Chris Ivory; ($6000); @ OAK (oprk 21st)
  7. Le'Veon Bell; ($8300); CIN (oprk 19th)
  8. Devonta Freeman; ($8000); TB (oprk 8th)
  9. Doug Martin; ($5500); @ ATL (oprk 31st)
  10. Frank Gore; ($4800); @ CAR (oprk 27th)
  11. Charcandrick West; ($4700); DET (oprk 20th)
  12. Lamar Miller; ($4700); @ NE (oprk 5th)
  13. Chris Johnson; ($4600); @ CLE (oprk 30th)
  14. Danny Woodhead; ($4500); @ BAL (oprk 15th)
  15. Jonathan Stewart; ($4100); IND (oprk 26th)
  • Christian Michael
  • Jarryd Hayne (if Carlos Hyde is out)

Value pick:
  • Alfred Blue ($3500); TEN (oprk 3rd)

Heating Up:
  • Justin Forsett
  • Charcandrick West

Todd Gurley: As y'all know Todd Gurley ran over the Cleveland defense last week. Like I predicted, 200 yards and 2 touchdowns!!! Okay, well he didn't quite get up to 200 yards, but 128 yards and 2 TDs I'll take any day. Look for similar numbers this week with the Rams taking on a team that has given up the 5th most fantasy points to running backs, the San Francisco 49ers.

Until next time,

James P. Gates

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