Week 6 Drops

Going into week 6 I highly doubt that you have the same team as you did at the beginning of the year....That's a good thing!  Adaptation is a key component in for any successful fantasy sports team.  Check out our Week 6 Pickups to add to your teams depth or to improve your teams starters.  Week 6 drops will give a heads up on who is no longer worthy of being on your roster to make room for those pickups.

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Quarterback- I never thought that I would be writing Matthew Stafford DET as a droppable player, but I just did.  Stafford has had a tough start to the 2015 season with only 6 touchdowns and 9 turnovers.  Other than the aging Megatron and youthful RB Abdullah, the 0-5 Lions do not offer a great supporting role to Stafford to make him worth keeping on your roster.  On paper his schedule does not look all that bad, but when you break down the upcoming opponents, he will have a tougher route than initially thought. 

Running Back- Other than the obvious injured players, C.J. Spiller NO should be dropped from your fantasy squad.  If you take away his one 80 yard reception this season, you have cut his yards from scrimmage in half.  The Saints and Spiller have not found a role that works and honestly I don't think that they will.  With a much more talented Ingram and a pass first offense, Spiller is an easy drop to open up space for other players with higher upside.

Wide Receiver- Cole Beasley DAL should have been a great pick-up once Dez went down, but then, Romo did as well.  Even with Weeden at QB, Beasley should have been more productive than what he is doing.  Now there are talks in Dallas of another change at QB which will set back any chemistry that might have been created.  If a player is not consistently putting up decent numbers or have the potential to have a breakout game, there is no need to keep them on you fantasy roster.  Beasley does not show either one of those.  He might be called Mr. Dependable by teammates, but in my opinion he is dependably below average.

Tight End- I am not sure what is going on with Manning or the Broncos, but Owen Daniels DEN does not provide the fantasy value to occupy a roster spot.  In the past 2 weeks he has been targeted 10 times with only 2 receptions.  This tells me that Manning is using him only as a last second outlet and not a weapon in his offense.  Actually, going back to the beginning of the year he has less than 65 yards on 12 receptions.  I think that Daniels has had better days and his fantasy relevancy is done.

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