Week 9 Drops

With so many key players injured this past week it has given you as a fantasy manager many opportunities to better your team.  Check out the list of Pickups Week 9.  This will give you an idea of how many valuable players are available.  But who do you drop?  The obvious answer is the injured player being replaced, but if you are trying to steal a player away from somebody else, this is a list that will help you make those tough roster cuts.

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Quarterback-  I will be the first one to say that I am actually a fan of Joe Flacco BAL.  He has done many things for the city of Baltimore as a player and a person.  This is fantasy football and none of that means anything.  Losing Steve Smith Sr is going to cripple him as a fantasy player.  Imagine taking an "ok" quarterback and then removing 25% percent of their production.  Of course some of Smith numbers will be picked up by other players, but it will not be all of those.  Smith assisted in keeping Flacco and the offense on the field by making many crucial third down conversions.  I hope that I am wrong, but I would cut him like a bad habit from your roster.

Running Back-  With an emerging player in West, Knile Davis KC is an easy drop.  He has been popular handcuff for Charles in the past and even so this year, but sometimes other players emerge and give a clear cut decision to their coaching staff that they have earned the right to be #1 and that is exactly what we have in this case.  Kansas City is not playing to their potential all around the board and I believe that even if West loses his job, Davis will not be worth starting.  I wanted to wait to confirm this drop, and I think that it is time.

Wide Receiver-  Torrey Smith SF is a very talented receiver on the wrong team.  It is hard for a wide receiver to get the numbers that he deserves when he has nobody good throwing him the ball.  With talks of Kaepernick being traded, it somewhat keeps me wanting to stick with Smith, but the unknowns are telling me that he is a droppable player for sure.  Drop him and take a look at the multiple uprising young talented receivers available and on much better teams.

Tight End-  I thought that this was truly going to be the year of the tight end, I was wrong.  Many tight ends have disappointed and their have not been too many uprising tight ends to take their place.  Their are no new tight ends that I would suggest to drop other than the ones mentioned in my prior weeks articles.  If you missed my week 5 article I suggested to drop Kyle Rudolph MIN, if you missed it I would suggest to do so again.

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