NFL Fantasy Football Week 2 Start 'em or Sit 'em

NFL Week 2 Fantasy Football Starters and Sitters


Carson Palmer: After the upset loss to the Patriots, Arizona needs this game. Fitzgerald ages like wihne. David Johnson can do everything including catching passes out of the backfield, John Brown only had one reception. Carson will put this game on his shoulders and not allow the Cardinals to start the season 0-2.
Eli Mannning: Whatever the spread is, I’m taking the over. Both teams can’t play defense. Eli has so many weapons it not even funny. Cruz had a TD in his first game back (commence the salsa” Shepard looks like a young Randall Cobb. Oh yeah, theres this guy named OBJ who has a knack for the end zone.

Alex Smith:- Playing from behind the Smith had to air the ball out in the second half. Look the to Chiefs to get back to the run against the Texans. JJ Watt and Clowney will be looking to pressure Alex Smith all game. 
Andrew Luck- Denver defense looks great. Von Miller and Ware will be in the backfield all day Luck will be solid, but don’t expect another 4TD game.


Latavius Murray: Don’t worry about Murray only getting 14 touches last week. The Raiders want to prove they can run the ball. Against the Falcons this week looks for Murray to get 18-20 touches. he’ll get his first of many 100+ yard games and since its Atlanta he’ll most likely find the end zone.
Melvin Gordon: I like Gordon. He finally got his first career touchdown. The injury to Keenan Allen hurts but Rivers will still throw the ball all over. Woodhead will get the passes and Gordon will get the rushes. He a big strong that doesn’t go down easy. If the ball in on the goal line the big fella will run it in.
Mark Ingram: There will be a lot points and of total yards in this game. He had  a sub-par game last week in the stat sheet only 58 yards on 12 attempts. If you do that Math though that 4.8 yards a carry. Oh, and he caught two passes for almost 30 yards. Give him the ball Sean and Drew. Ingram is still a workhorse and this game is going to be a derby. Let him run.

Eddy Lacy: Minnesota defense will look to build on last weeks big performance. Green Bay is Aaron Rodgers team. Their not a run first team which mean Lacy can get forgotten at times.  
Todd Gurley: See what the 49er defense did the Rams. Now is its the better Seattle defenses  turn. You can’t run the ball if there’s 8 guys in the box. If Keenum can’t throw the ball, which we know he can’t. Gurley’s  to going anywhere. 
Doug Martin: Martin is a grinder. This game it’s going to be an aerial shoot out. He’ll get RB2 numbers but don’t expect 1st-2nd round productions from him this week.


Amari Cooper: The only guys who loves this guy more than me Is Derek Carr. He catches short passes, midrange passes, and the deep pass. He is routes are fundamentally sound. He’s elusive and quick. He’s playing Atlanta. If he can get passed there LB’s, mainly Vic Beasley, then he should have a big day. Look for car to be going his way a lot on Sunday.
The Allen’s (Jags): I predicted both guys will combine for 2500 total yards this seasons. Look for them to get a chunk of that this week. We saw what Kansas City and Alex Smith of all people did to the Chargers last week in the 2nd half. This is how I see it. Bortles is better than Smith and the Allen’s are better than any receiver for the Chiefs. 100+yards from each is not only doable but likely. 
Jordan Matthews: 14 target last week (7 receptions 100+ yards). The Bears secondary is still banged up. There 4 up front won’t put to much pressure on the rookie Wentz. Zach Ertz is out. Someone will get those  targets. I;m starting Matthews in all my leagues.

Demaryius Thomas: Might play but is nursing a bad hip. He may catch the screen pass but he's not running anywhere quickly with that injury.
Dez Bryant: Rookie QB against Josh Norman and Deangelo Hall AND it’s another division games. Until the Cowboys can prove there a good team I’m stray away from them.
Jarvis Landry. Patriots will give up the shorts yards to Landry but don't look for them to let him break loose for the big play. Unless your league is PPR thy to find a better option.


Zach Miller: If the Bears are going to win this game they will be Miller the play big. He’s a big TE that is a perfect safety net for Culter. Miller can run after the catch so look for him to have a lot of targets, and against the Eagles he will break one for a big gain.
Greg Olsen: He’s Cam favorite guy. He’s proved he can be relied on. Carolina has to many weapons for San Fransisco to cover. Bowman will be to busy spying Cam, and no other linebacker can cover Olsen. Look for a high volume and high production game from Olsen 

Dwayne Allen: Denver’s LB’s are to good. The size and quickness the makes Allen so attractive isn’t going to matter agains this defense. Sure they game up 73 yards last week, but close to 40 of those were in the last 2 minutes. Sit Allen. He’ll have his time to shine in other weeks.
Delanie Walker: He’s not long the only option in the passing game.With a string running game for the Titans and the emergence of Tajae Sharpe Mariotta has options. The first option is to run the ball with Murray and Henry.

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