NFL Fantasy Football Week 8 Start / Sit Advice


Matthew Stafford k- (Houston)Stafford is a stud and Houston has been a dud. Golden Tate is starting to come around finally. I don't trust Tate is fantasy just yet, but the defense does have to account for him. Stafford had the weapons and open guys to get you a win this week

Devontae Booker - (San Diego)CJ Anderson is out for the year. Booker was an RB2 with Anderson. Now he's the featured back. I have Booker has a top 5 back the rest of the year.

Melvin Gordon - (Denver)Gordon had 0 touchdowns all of last year. This year he has 8 already. The Chargers trust him on the goal line. We know the Charger will move the ball of offense. If in gets to the red zone it will be a good day for Gordon.

Davantae Adams - (Atlanta)Adams is coming off a long week in which had 100+ yard and a touchdown. He's taking Cobbs spot as the number two options. He's a big downfield target and catches touchdown. Ride the wave while you have him.

Brandin Cooks - (Seattle)You can't teach or beat speed. That has been Cooks M.O.every since he came into the league. Drew Bree's has the ability to the throw the ball anywhere on the field. Look for Cooks to use his speed to beat the zone defense of the Seahawks.

Martellus Bennett - (Buffalo)
In week 4 Bennett put up 100+ yards agains the Bills. If you remember that game was played without Brady and Gronk. You know the Bills will be focus on stopping the Gronk as much as possible. Brady is going to move around and Bennett will be a big beneficiary.


Cam Newton - (Arizona)Last week Arizona defense held the Seattle offense in check. Yes, Cam is better than Wilson, but not by much this year. Cam has had his struggles running the ball this year, that's why we love him. Arizona is no slouch of defense. They have the talent to contain the monster.

Frank Gore - (Kansas City)Frank Gore is averaging 80 yards a game. He's used in the passing game as well. Kansas City is no slouch on D. There big upfront and Gore is getting slower and less powerful. It will be hard for him to get going against that defensive front.

Matt Jones - (Bengals)Jones is a good back. You can see the glimpses of it in his games. He lacks consistency on his runs. That causes the Redskins to not trust him.

TY Hilton - (Kansas City)
Hilton seems to be a boom or bust kind of player. He's rated number three on the player rater. The Chiefs defense is susceptible to the passing game which means Luck won't have to look in only Hiltons direction. All the talk preseason was about Moncrief coming out this year. I think he has the better week.

Tyrell Pryor - (NYJ)
Hello "Revis Island". Pryor is a big athletic receiver and Revis is a big athletic cornerback. Pryor doesn't have the skill set to beat Revis and his quarterback situation is a mess.   
Hunter Henry - (Denver)
Don't get me wrong, I'm a Hunter Henry believer. He has 3 touchdowns in the last 4 weeks. He facing the fantastic Denver defense that doesn't give up points to tight ends. They have given up 1 TD all season. Hunter's the man, but not this week.

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