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Who would you take with the #1 pick?
Who is the #1 QB - Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck?
How is Jimmy Graham going to do in his first year with Seattle?
Is Adrian Peterson going to regain his form as the top RB?
Who is your favorite Sleeper pick?
Which rookie is going to have the best year in fantasy football?


  1. start Lamar miller or devante Freeman

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    2. Hey anonymous, thanks for posting. Obviously this reply is a bit late, & we here at apologize for that. This blog is still relatively new & we are still ironing out the wrinkles. That said, we'll do our best to get back to you before gameday decisions need to be made.

      Real quick, I would've started a healthy Freeman vs. a softer Dallas defense. Lamar Miller was just coming off of an injury & had to run against a tough Buffalo front 7.