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After being involved with multiple fantasy sports drafts and types of drafts, I have come up with a few shortcuts to make things easier. Listed below are a couple links to spreadsheets that I use for various purposes such as budgeting auction drafts, calculating the inflation for auction keeper leagues, and determining which player to designate as keepers. Feel free to use these spreadsheets and tailor them to your league. The links below will take you to the site to download each template.

Auction Draft Budget
This is probably the most helpful, yet most simple template that I will share with you. For auction drafts, it is important to have a plan with who you are going to take, and an estimate of what price you will get them for so that you can budget and spend the most money possible on other positions. Budgeting properly will help you make sure you have enough money to last throughout the whole draft, and make sure that you don't end up with left over money at the end. I set up this template for a standard 10 team league with a $200 budget.
Budget Spreadsheet Link

Auction Draft Keeper Selection
Are you in a keeper league and unsure which of your players is the right one to keep? Look no further. Use this template to determine which player is the best value to keep.
Keeper Selection Spreadsheet Link

Auction Draft Inflation Calculation
Are you in an auction keeper league? One very important thing the most team owners forget to do is to calculate inflation before the draft. Inflation is necessary to calculate because players will be kept at below market value draft prices. This makes all of the standard auction draft cheat sheets unusable unless you calculate the inflation for your league. Spend 2 minutes dropping in the keepers for your league into the template below to calculate the inflation and get a leg up on the competition! When you are done dropping in the keepers all you have to do is multiply the standard draft cheat sheet values that you are using by the multiple that is calculated in the template.
Inflation Calculation Spreadsheet Link

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